contact star evo1
Because we understand each other!
Product Information
The contact star evo1 is a digital bone conduction hearing spectacles suitable up to
moderate hearing loss. With its high fidelity 8 channel sound processor and with
the innovative programming possibilities, the contact star evo1 meets the
requirements for best individual hearing comfort.
BHM bone conduction hearing systems – a reliable
solution without the risk of surgery!
BHM bone conduction hearing temples can be integrated into a variety of attractive
spectacles-fronts. BHM also offers the possibility to mount onto any appropriate spectacles.
— 8 channels soundprocessor (WDRC)
— 16 equalizer bands
— First fitting algorithm for bone conductive hearing aids
— Tone generator for fine-tuning by INSITU method
— Feedback cancellation
— Noise reduction
— Low battery warning
— MPO programmable
— Tone filters (HighCut and LowCut)
— Battery size 675
— O-T-M switch
— Volume control
— Temple in different colours
— Temple Version for Coselgi® available*
— Different sizes of conductor plates for optimal comfort
Sound Dynamix (BHM Automatic )
BHM‘s fully automated Sound Dynamix (BHM Automatic) situation
recognition perfectly selects the most appropriate hearing
system parameters in any environment. You can enjoy the
best-possible sound in demanding situations without having to
manually switch listening programs.
Precise hearing in digital
broadband sound quality
Unlike the well-known air conduction hearing devices, the contact
star evo1 produces sound in a broadband miniature vibration
receiver and transmits this through direct skin contact
to the mastoid bone, the temporal bone area behind the ear.
From here, the solid-borne sound is transferred through the
skull to the inner ear, where it is transformed into nerve impulses.
Thanks to its innovative technology, the contact star
evo1 offers an excellent alternative to a surgical procedure in
many cases!
Audibly elegant!
With its contact star evo1 bone conduction spectacles, BHMTech
now offers a very special, tasteful solution for combining
excellent vision with optimum hearing. Of course, the best
sound quality, wearing comfort and great vision always take
the highest priority.
The hearing aid is elegantly concealed in the construction (of
course this model also has a variety of fashionable frames and
extension tips for men and women), enhaced
by state-of-the-art technology and the
greatest precision. In other words:
expert Austrian quality. Simply
ask your ENT doctor, hearing
aid acoustician or consultant
about the advantages of the
contact star evo1!