Phonak CROS II
The smart solution for single-sided hearing
More speech understanding
For the first time ever, people with SSD can easily follow conversations even in noisy situations. CROS II can focus on a single voice in a crowd and reduce background noise, thanks to StereoZoom (combine it with a V70 or a V90 for best performance). As a result, it streams less noise to the hearing aid on the other side, improving speech understanding.

Understanding in noisy places
Zoom in on a voice and reduce background noise to hear what you want.

Understanding while driving
Understand your travelling companions with ease as CROS II streams to your good ear.

Understanding while out-and-about
Improve your awareness of your surroundings and hear sounds from both directions as CROSII streams to your good ear.

Easy to use
Simple and ready to use - just switch it on and enjoy hearing from both sides.

Stylish and discreet

Your friends and family will notice your improved hearing much more than your CROS device
CROS II features state-of-the-art Phonak Venture technology. It’s the latest generation chip which makes hearing easier than ever before and brings endless possibilities.

CROS II is compatible with all RIC and BTE Venture hearing aids (all models and performance levels of Audéo V, Bolero V). CROS II Custom is compatible with all wireless Venture Custom hearing aids with Binaural VoiceStream TechnologyTM

Whether you are in a restaurant, on a busy street or simply having a one-on-one chat. With CROS II, you will immediately feel included in a conversation, regardless of the situation. No more having to position yourself so that everyone sits on your good side!

Available on different styles:

Phonak CROS II Behind the Ear.
Phonak CROS II in the Ear.