Phonak Virto™ V
Audibly big. Visibly small


The best kept secret
Our dedication to continuously challenging the limits of technology have successfully allowed us to create a more discreet and innovative custom hearing aid to meet your specific needs. Phonak Virto V combines state-of-the-art technology with a brand-new hardware design to provide you with exceptional performance and comfort. You won’t even realize that you’re wearing hearing aids, nor will anyone else.

Great expectations
We understand that hearing well in a multitude of listening environments without drawing attention to your hearing aid is important and what you expect. For this reason, Phonak Virto V custom hearing aids are the optimal solution for you. Remaining out of sight, Virto V allows you to communicate freely while enjoying the listening pleasures of the world around you.

Designed for you
Designed specifically with you in mind, every Virto V is an individual work of art. Crafted to fit perfectly into your ear canal, we precisely create each shell, layer by layer. Once this is complete, the components are skillfully hand placed inside, resulting in a hearing aid which is as unique as you are.

Your custom solution
Phonak provides the broadest portfolio of quality, custom hearing aids on the market. Virto V comes in a variety of colors and models to suit you. Together with your hearing care professional you can choose the best solution to meet the demands of your lifestyle and your hearing needs.

Personalized performance
Virto V delivers the best hearing performance in every listening situation. Regardless of your whereabouts, your hearing aids will automatically and seamlessly adapt in real time to optimize your settings based on your exact listening environment with AutoSense OS. Unique to Phonak, Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ sends speech from one ear to the other, allowing you to hear better and understand more in even the most challenging listening environments.

Comfortably connected
Phonak offers a wide range of wireless accessories to boost the performance of your hearing aids. Providing even more connectivity, the Virto V family allows you to seamlessly integrate your hearing aids into every aspect of your daily life. Whether on the move, at work or at home, it has never been easier to receive phone calls, enjoy your favorite TV show or to listen to your music. Reconnect with the rich sounds around you in your everyday life with Virto V.

There is no other hearing aid this small, capable of this much performance