Roger™ Table Mic
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    Full participation

    Meetings can be a challenging listening environment. By simply placing a Roger Table Mic on a meeting table, it transmits clear speech directly to your hearing aids, allowing you to fully participate.

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    Especially designed for meetings

    Roger Table Mic is designed to blend in perfectly with the rest of your meeting equipment. The audio processing parameters in Roger Table Mic are fine tuned for meetings.

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    Optimal for small and large meetings

    One Roger Table Mic is perfect for a small meeting environment. For larger meetings, it´s possible to connect several Roger Table Mics so that each participant gets the signal clearly.

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    Full day use with over 20 hours operating time

    With a battery capacity of more than 20 hours you will never have to worry about the operating time.

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    Easy to connect and use

    Roger Table Mic is very easy to use. Connecting the receiver to the microphone is done by the simple push of a button. It’s also possible to operate the microphone with a remote control.

Roger Table Mic is a wireless microphone specifically designed to transmit clear sound to your hearing aids in small or large meetings.